Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Breakfast With Abby

Tom, Abby, Michael, and I were enjoying breakfast together this morning when Abby and Tom had the following conversation (as a follow-up to Abby's breakthrough moment yesterday evening):

Tom: "Abby, do you love Mommy and Daddy?"

Abby: "Love Dada.  Love Mama."

{squeals of excitement from Tom and me}

"Abby, who else do you love?"

"I love Mima."

"And do you love Mei Mei?"

Nods enthusiastically.  Smiles a great big smile.  "I love Lisa.   I love Granda."

"That's so wonderful, Abby!  Who else?"

"I love T*.  I love Z*."

"Oh, Abby.  That's so sweet."

{more attempts at encouragement ensue}

"I love Nana."

"And do you love Papá?  Do you love Uncle James?"

There's that happy grin again.

But it was clear that she was "I love you'd"-out, for the moment.

She often likes to randomly say, "I miss you, I miss you too.  Ali!  Joe!"

So, as we were cleaning up, I asked her about Ali and Joe.  I said, "Do they miss you?"

Abby looked up from the table and said, "I miss you, too!"

* T and Z are two of Abby's friends (the ones she had seen the most recently) from her playgroup.