Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally, the "Month" Pics

I finally got a chance to sort through and edit Michael's seven-month pictures.  Here are the favorites:

Mei Mei took the last two.  I like the effect of the sheet, but next time I'll have to somehow figure out how to get it less wrinkled, and I'll definitely need to hang it better.  Because I didn't cover an adequate amount of area behind Michael, I had to do all sorts of strange cropping in the editing stage.  That was also partly due to the fact that Michael kept grabbing up the sheet and knocking the props aside, and they often looked odd in the frame, just laying about to his right and left.  Additionally, I'll need to be sure to try this earlier in the day next time, when there is natural light available.  It was much harder to get the lighting right (and ultimately, I'm not entirely happy with it) relying on the Speedlight, combined with the ambient artificial illumination.

Because I didn't trust myself to make the right decisions given the lighting scenario, I didn't even bother with manual settings this time, and had the camera on auto.  I did set the ISO myself, though, to 800.