Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Much is My Sleep Worth?

The house is finally quiet, and I'm severely strapped for ideas on what to write.  It wasn't a particularly interesting day.  Abby and Michael had a play date, but we were late to it, so there were only a couple of kids there.  We didn't stay long, and we all came home tired.  Except Michael.  He made sure to make me work to get him down for a nap.  Tom had to go out to the DMV afterwards, not once, not twice, but three times (he kept forgetting paperwork that he needed to get the van registered), and I spent all of that time in survival mode with the kids.

And last night?  Well, I'm trying to avoid spending every post whining about just how little sleep I got, so I'll skip it this time.  I will say that I had not one, but two babies to contend with overnight, however.  But then, I found this handy-dandy equation via a link in the comment section of my favorite blog.  It's the Parents' Sleep Index, created by Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary, and it lets you come up with a number reflective of just how little sleep it feels like you got, regardless of the hours you were actually able to log.

Looking at it initially made my eyes hurt, but curiosity overcame me, so I worked it out.  Assuming I have any math skill leftover from the time in my life that I actually had to use it (and ability to utilize it with the few working brain-cells I have functioning currently), I believe that I was able to calculate the correct total for last night: 2.2 hours of sleep.  Sounds about right to me.

Just two more days until my littlest baby turns seven months.  I'm hoping I'll have the Nikon up-and-running again by then.