Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Of Guys, Dolls, and Very Big Hats

I'm seriously slumping tonight.  Feeling totally devoid of ideas about what to write, I've spent the last two hours reading other blogs instead (partly hoping for inspiration, partly to waste time, and partly because I rarely get the chance to do so, uninterrupted), and otherwise wasting time on the Internet.

It's not that nothing at all has been going on, exactly.  I've been faced with the usual challenges, the kids have been performing at their usual level of cute.  Well, Abby's had some real mood swing issues to make up for the cuteness, for her part.  But today was better, so I'm crossing my fingers that she was perhaps just feeling a bit "off" in the last week or so, rather than beginning some new, horrible phase.

Beyond her insane combativeness and tendencies towards the oversensitive of late, she's really made some great strides in language development.  I regularly hear full sentences now, the most oft-repeated (since the baseball game) being "Day hit da boll."  Translation: They hit the ball.

Also, both kids have a newfound musical favorite.  Of all things, "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat."  That's two for Guys and Dolls- Aunt Ali long ago introduced Abby to "A Bushel and a Peck," to Abby's great delight.  I first began to sing it for them a couple of nights ago, when Abby was performing her rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."  She started off saying "row," and changed it to "rock."  Amused, I countered with the first song that came to mind, about rocking, and boats.

While I was mildly surprised to see that Abby liked it (she may love music, but she does not love all music equally, and, having very specific favorites and preferences, is reluctant to give new things a chance), I was astounded at Michael's reaction.  His face lit up, his mouth wide and dimples flashing, his eyes glistened with silent laughter.  And I get that same reaction every. single. time.

A great feeling, that.

And to make up for my total lack of direction tonight, I'm gonna throw out a move I'm learning, to perfection, nowadays.


I give you: Cute Little Toddler in a Very Big Hat.

And bid you Good Night.  Goodness knows, I should have been in bed long ago.