Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mobile Moments, 7/22-7/28

And so, July comes to a close with surprisingly beautiful weather mixed in amongst the rain and humidity. We started our week in Reisterstown, MD, getting Mia and Michael's lip ties released, and ended it at home, with family visiting from New York- all the more audience to which we could show off our new smiles.

In the middle of it all, a very special somebody turned four months old, and has been making it clear that she's ready to start putting those early, helpless days behind her.

Up to his usual mischief.
Earning Curious George viewing time.
Enjoying the latest issue of Ranger Rick, Jr. with Daddy. (Thanks again, cousin Rachel!)
Michael's new favorite hat.
Right at home amidst the mess.
"Whoa. I have toes."
Pallin' around with Piglet.
Hanging with Aunt Ali.
Cool like Auntie.
In the swing of things.
Smelly feet!
Engrossed in a book.
Synchronized reading.

Overheard this week:


"Somebody took Uncle Joe's shoes. Was it me?"

Upon overhearing Tom's phone conversation when his sister checked in from the Delaware rest stop on her way home this evening: "No, they can't be in Delaware!" And, as I tried to assuage Abby by explaining the situation, "Aunt Ali and Uncle Joe can't need to go home!"
(No worries- her distress was quite brief and she perked up soon after, though I'm sure she'll be excited at the next opportunity to see them again.)

Conversations with Abby:

Abby: "Michael, say Mama."
Michael: "Mama."
Abby: "Michael, say kitty."
Michael: "Hit-tee."
Abby: "Wow, what a good job Michael- you said kitty! Michael, say Abby."
Michael: "Abby."
Abby: "Yay! Good job, Buddy."

(Holding a plastic spoon to her ear)
Abby: "I'm talking to someone."
Me: "Oh? Who are you talking to?"
Abby: "Nana."
Me: "Nana, huh? What does Nana say?"
Abby: "I'm going to bring you some new books."

Also, true to his pattern, Michael said one new word this week, though I can't for the life of me remember what it was (Bad Mommy!) and Abby managed to work the phrase "a whole bunch of things" into a sentence.

Lastly, be sure to revisit Tuesday's post, which I've updated to include Nana's best guess at the entire phone conversation that she had with Abby that day.