Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's That Time Again...

... Or, as I learned, to my chagrin, well past it.

According to the saleslady at the shoe store, I'm supposed to be bringing my kids in for sizing every 2-3 months. I've waited five months since first outfitting Michael. As for Abby? It's been nearly ten.

I've got to wonder a bit at her advice, though, considering that Abby seemed to wear her first pair of shoes pretty comfortably for about seven months, and even after wearing her second pair for even longer, has only gone up a half-size in that time.

Of course, that brings in to question just how accurately her feet were measured at any one of the times she was fitted. She went from a size 6W to a size 7.5W in seven months, but is now only in a size 8XW after ten more? Then again, I imagine that her growth has slowed down since those early stages of her toddler-hood.

Sadly, Abby's feet are as wide as ever, with exceedingly high arches, which is a problem only inasmuch as the combination of features makes it terribly hard to find shoes to adorn her pretty toes. Though we seemed to have had our pick of styles last time (possibly because she was put in a half-size or so larger than she measured?), Saleslady could find only one pair in the whole store that would go on her feet properly this time around, which dashed my hopes of getting both sneakers and sandals for each child. It also left me feeling disappointed about all of the various designs that became instant non-options for us.

Happily, Abby was over-the-moon about the purchase of her new, blocky, blindingly white-and-pink shoes-that-seemed-more-fitting-for-a-child-nurse-than-a-rambunctious-little-girl, and completely oblivious to having lost out on anything. I dread the day, however, when I will have to explain to her why she can no longer wear her pretty white or patent black leather "church" shoes...

And-oh boy- are they going to get dirty real quick.

For Michael, I settled on one pair of shoes to match his sister's one pair, and decided to make that pair a set of sandals, since he'll likely just wear them through the summer and early fall. It will be nice to have the option of letting him go sock-less once in a while, and honestly, the sandals are so nearly-full-coverage that they could practically be sneakers anyway.


Since we went on our shoe-shopping errand just before lunch, there was too much chaos upon our arrival home to get any pictures as Mima and I rushed to get the kids fed and napping on close to a normal schedule.

I had to wait until the afternoon, when putting on shoes meant going outside, and they would not be delayed or denied for the sake of my silly camera habit. Of course, they were so thrilled to be running around that it was tough to get good shots of them, let alone their shoes, but I did my best (that is, once my camera lens cleared of fog from the suffocating humidity).

And what did they gravitate towards, during the course of their precious backyard play?

Why, sticks...

... and stones.

Of course!