Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little Mickey

Like his sister before him, Michael has developed a fondness for hats.

In particular, he likes this little number:

So, for the past week or so I've seen him grab it up, giggling uncontrollably, to either offer it for me to model on my slightly-too-large noggin or to pull on over his own slightly-too-small head. Of course, I prefer the latter, but I'll put it on any number of times if it keeps him interested, and laughing.

I think just about any hat looks cute on my kids, but something about that knitted pom-pom has always provided me with intense amusement when I see it worn. Never did I make the connection that Abby recently did, however. Out of the blue one day, she began chase to her brother around the playroom, chanting, "Go Mickey Mouse, go!" Especially given that she's hardly even seen images of Mickey Mouse anywhere (though she does own a stuffed baby Minnie doll, for which Michael has the stuffed baby Mickey counterpart), I was sure that she must have been given the idea by someone else. I checked with Tom- it wasn't him.

Regardless, once the image was put in my head, I couldn't unsee it.

I'm not fond of "Mickey" as a nickname, but I'll concede that it applies here.

It's too bad, though, that he can't really see with the thing on.

Perhaps "Stumbling Mickey" would be a more apt moniker.

Somehow, I don't think Abby would approve.