Monday, July 15, 2013

Mia On the Move

It's been a busy few days for Mia.

On Saturday afternoon, she overcame her recently-developed fear of "strangers" (aka anyone who is not Mommy or Daddy- isn't it waaay to early for that?) for just long enough to hang out a little bit with Nana and Papa.

She really knows how to tired a poor guy out...

In the early evening, I was inspired to try her out in the jumperoo, and she did great! I thought for sure I'd have to put a pillow beneath her feet, young as she still is, but it turns out that she's ridiculously tall (and/or long-legged) and already stands practically flat-footed at the lowest setting.

Unlike her siblings before her, she took to it right away, and enjoyed a full fifteen minutes without anxiousness or fussing.

Of course, she seemed to most appreciate it for the convenient access it gave her to her hands, but to each their own, right?

Today, however, came the biggest event of all: the first roll from tummy to back. I suspect that Mia has been ready to try out this move for awhile now, but I'm always wary of placing her on the floor with two older siblings ready to wrestle her at any given moment. She usually hangs out on the loveseat with me, where the soft cushion, lack of surface area, and odd angles really cramp her style.

I didn't pull out the phone to start recording until she was halfway through her achievement, but I managed to document the last little bit:

I guess I'd better find something to hold on to- it's gonna get pretty crazy from here on out...