Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Ray of Sunshine

I've been feeling under the weather all day, and now that Michael and Mia are snoring, and Abby is as good as tucked away in bed, I'm all set to follow suit.

It's a special kind of awful, having so many little people still so dependent on you when you're certain you'd otherwise be firmly planted in bed, but it's not without a perk or two to have them around, I suppose.

As I lay curled up on the loveseat this morning, fighting to keep my eyes open enough to keep a lookout on the activities of the toddler crowd, Abby approached me with a dollbaby.

"Can you have it so you can feel better?" she asked, hesitantly. I took the doll from her with a smile. I don't know how much help the doll really had to offer, but its presenter? Yeah, she definitely made me feel better. For a minute, anyway.