Monday, March 18, 2013

Silly Faces

We're eleven days out from the first incidence of Terrible Tummy Turbulence 2013, and I think we can finally (almost) safely declare our little family illness-free.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of our extended families on both sides, which currently each contain at least one ill or recovering member of the same or similar ailment. (I'm really hoping that the bug didn't come from us, though, as far as I can tell this has been a really hard-hitting year for stomach viruses, in general, so it may have reached them in some other way eventually anyway.)

Regardless, my thoughts are with them, and my prayers for a swift recovery. I also offer a little bit of cheer to make their day a little brighter via a never-before-seen collection of Abby's silly faces.

It all started at the end of dinner this evening; I pulled out the camera and Abby transformed into a total ham...

... with more than a little inspiration from her equally silly father.

Michael didn't quite understand the game, but tried to join in too, copying some of the antics of his sister.

And what was the source of all of the silliness? An unexpectedly goofy conversation between Tom and Abby.

She has a shirt that features an anthropomorphized chocolate chip cookie wearing purple-framed glasses. Along the top it says "SMART" in block, uppercase letters. It's her "Smart Cookie" shirt, and she asked for it specifically the other day when I dressed her in the morning.

She spent today in the shirt that she's pictured wearing, but she must have still had that other shirt in mind, because when Tom asked her, "Abby, are you a smart cookie?" (I still can't remember what inspired the question), she looked down at her yellow-and-grey striped pajama shirt and answered, "No. Abby is a smart stripe!"

As if that didn't already give Tom and me a case of the giggles, Abby's response to Tom's declaration that "You really are a little devil, aren't you?" was, fittingly, "Abby is a little devil!"

She kind of looks the part there, no?

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  1. I laughed over a cup of coffee while reading this. Abby is just so adorable!