Saturday, March 23, 2013

Little Reader Number Two

It appears that we finally have another budding book fan in our household. I've been trying for months to interest Michael in story time, but he's usually just too busy to focus.

However, there was a sudden change in him yesterday. During the special time that we spent in the playroom, just me and him (during Abby's nap) he brought me five different books to read to him, some more than once. And he sat through the full reading of them almost every time.

He particularly loves lift-the-flap books, and books with moving parts. Sadly, those are precisely the ones I try to keep away from him, to keep them in one piece. However, I'll definitely be making more of an effort now to bring them out for him as a carefully-supervised treat. Anything to encourage this new interest of his.

Next step: get him to finally talk. Just one word, Buddy- what a day that's going to be.