Monday, March 11, 2013

Managing Monday

It's been a day heavy on contractions and short on sleep, but otherwise, things are on the up-and-up. We've actually benefited a bit from the combination of recent illness and time change, because the kids were so tired yesterday that they went to bed an hour earlier without realizing it, and got up later not knowing yet that the rest of their world has shifted times around them.

Unfortunately, even time changes don't prevent Michael's late-night and early-morning teething/coughing/who-knows-what wakings, and he had one at 5:00am that he just couldn't settle down from on his own. Up the stairs Tom went to help him back to sleep, and I lay alone in the bedroom, unable to recapture a state even resembling slumber. I wasted about two hours on the computer (I know- bad move- flickering screens and such, but I was bored) before trying to work in just a tiny bit of sleep, and managed perhaps an hour, since the kids didn't wake for the day until nearly 8:30.

Abby's had a rather winding road towards recovery, in that her first day was awful, her second day resembled an improvement so miraculous that you'd never believe she'd been sick, and her third, she was lethargic, short on appetite, cranky, and riddled with GI issues to the same degree that her brother was immediately following his night of vomiting.

The one meal she hasn't turned down on any of those days is breakfast, so I wasn't sure what we would be facing today until lunchtime. She only finished half of her sandwich, partly because she decided that having a tantrum was more compelling, and Tom and I decided that meant it was naptime.

Michael had no interest in his own sandwich, but did eat a decent amount of rice when we offered him that, instead. He had a rough morning, however, and was so uncharacteristically lethargic that I became alarmed, and concerned about dehydration. We spent a few hours with him, pushing as much Pedialyte as he would take and acting as living, breathing mattresses for him as he lay moaning and whining in-between naps, and he finally started to seem himself again after lunch, nap #2, and a few ounces of extra fluids.

By dinnertime, it seems that we all were pretty ravenous, and I was a bit braver about eating, having finally consumed a meal (at lunchtime) that wasn't followed by some amount of nausea. So far, so good.

The biggest success of all, however? Not only were there no blowouts today, there were no poopy diapers at all. I'm hoping that this is a sign that my little ones' GI tracts have finally reset and are due to resume normal functionality.

Now I just have to work on getting my (generally unimpressive lately) energy levels back to where they were, and maybe we'll all finally be approaching normalcy again.

Until Raspberry makes an appearance, anyway...


We're way overdue for one of these, and today, Abby obliged. I present to you the Cute Abby Moment of the Day:

I was rubbing my tummy after a particularly rough contraction when Abby wandered by, requesting to see Raspberry.

I pulled up my shirt so that she could run her (incredibly cold) hands along my belly. "Want to open Raspberry," she said.

I chuckled, and replied, "Not just yet, Abby. We'll 'open' Raspberry soon."

She simply smiled, patted my belly, and said, "Abby's gonna open Raspberry."

Ha! If only she could.

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  1. I'm sorry to read that you guys are still battling this bug! Here's to you hoping that it goes away soon!! And the "cute" abby moment is really cute! Very sweet--brought a smile to my face.