Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Quick Check-In

(guest-post by Tom)

All is well, but we've had a long day. Abby woke us up first thing this morning with some crying. I went in and it seemed all was well--asked her if she had a bad dream. "Yeah... Abby threw up in the dream and it got on Abby's ear."

Long story short: it wasn't a bad dream.

We had all sorts of adventures in sick child nurturing today, including Sharon having to take Michael with her on her doctor's appointment (again: all is well, not much new to report). Abby is on the mend, and hopefully tomorrow by the end of the day she'll be back to a normal diet.

Sharon's worried about the possibly inevitable spread of germs to the rest of us, but I think we'll do alright. I think today will be the worst of what we may possibly have to deal with--an unknown sickness hitting us without warning--and we managed it very well, even Sharon (who is always worried about how she'll deal with tummy isues, has once again shown how well she can handle tummy issues).

In any event, we're quite exhausted but didn't want to be radio silent tonight, lest anyone think we were in the hospital having the baby. All will be well, and we'll resume regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.