Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raspberry: 37 Weeks

Dearest Raspberry,

One more week down, and what a week it was: complete with snow, stress, and sickness. I have to hand it to you- you have thus far shown wisdom far beyond your years not even a year regarding the timing of your arrival. I have been silly and impatient, but you've stayed right where you should be, and have thus avoided all of the chaos that began Thursday morning and has been crashing down upon us ever since.

You further held yourself in place through all of the stress that my body has been subjected to with this nasty stomach virus, for which I will be eternally thankful. I cannot imagine having to labor and give birth on top of what I was already going through.

And though we now have a full house of sick people (your poor father came down with, but is luckily already beginning to recover from, a milder version of what the rest of us got), and your tired parents are struggling to regain their strength while battling through the diaper and laundry aftermath that seems an unavoidable second-phase of such ailments, I am happy to report that I have come to realize a couple of valuable things from my recent experience.

  1. There are some definite perks to still being pregnant. If you hang on a few more days, it will not only give your father and me more time to feel ourselves again, it will relieve us of some of the stress we've been feeling about having to bring outsiders into our germ-infested home to watch your siblings while we're in the hospital. Here's hoping we have not only all made a full recovery by then, but also have had time to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. After all, not only do we not want your grandparents getting sick, we don't want you getting sick upon your arrival home.
  2. There are far, far, worse ways to spend a night than waking every hour or so to feed or change a newborn. I suppose I knew this already, but there's nothing like actual experience to hammer the reality home. Every night that I am feeling frustrated about getting up with you, I will try to remember the night I just spent, racked with stomach pain and slowly losing my dinner over the course of five or six hours, and recognize that I am so much better off doing just about anything with a sweet little baby.

So stay comfy in there, little Raspberry. I'm still so very impatient to meet you, but I can definitely hold off just a little while longer, for all of our sakes.

(Remind me that I said that when I start complaining again just a few short days from now. ;) )


As you can probably imagine, we did not leave the house today, even to go to church, so I did not bother to get dressed. It seemed silly to do so just for my belly shot, so now you get to enjoy me in all of my slovenly glory. Cheers!