Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-Baby Blues

Four-to-five centimeters. That's where I'm at, whatever that means. I suppose it implies some subtle bit of progress, but not much. I was hoping for at least a solid five, with a membrane sweep and possibly a straight ticket to the hospital from my appointment today. Yeah, didn't happen.

Much as I tried not to get my hopes up about it, it was hard not to especially in the hustle-and-bustle of packing bags, stashing them in the car, and making tentative "what if" plans with various people.

And then came my appointment. Apparently a membrane sweep is not an option this time since I'm considered a GBS carrier, nor is a membrane rupture. Since I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow, my doctor offered to schedule an induction for me that day, but desperate as I am to be done I just can't justify subjecting my baby to Pitocin without a real medical need (which is what it would come down to).

Since then, (likely due to the internal exam) I've had loads of cramping, more than a handful of really bad contractions, and a great deal of random pain, but no labor. It's been good times around here as a result, and my husband and children have been saints to put up with me.

I'm hoping not to subject my readers to too much more of the same, to the point that I was hesitant to blog tonight. I was sure it would come out one big whiny-whine. I guess it kind of has.

That's why I'm gonna stop here and treat you with a couple of newborn pics, on me.



Maybe if we all think lots of newborn thoughts, "Raspberry will come..."


  1. Love those squishy little newborn faces. Can't believe my first baby is 11. That cliche about it all going so fast? Man it goes fast.

    1. It really does. Except for certain times, like those agonizing days leading up to your due date. Those just crawl by... Heh.