Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey and Other Blessings

It was a lovely Thanksgiving: Michael's first, and Abby's third. She was old enough, this time around, to taste just about anything that she wanted to, but she seemed mainly to be interested in the bread and sweet potatoes. Michael was partial to the whipped potatoes. In fact, he went pretty wild for them.

This year, Tom wanted to try something new with the turkey, so he dry-cured and butterflied it, Alton Brown-style. The really nice thing about this approach was that the bird took just over 90 minutes to cook, rather than three or four hours. This gave us the time (despite the fact that the bird did not get started at the crack of dawn) to put many other dishes in the oven once it was taken out to cool, some of which were pre-prepared and needed reheating, and others of which needed a quick cook time. Tom, my sister, and my father have been preparing various dishes since Sunday, from the turkey to the pies, so everything was well-planned, and went pretty smoothly. We sat down to eat only about a half-hour later than we had intended, around 4:30.

We arrived at Mima and Granda's at noon, however, so the kids had plenty of time to play and nap while the cooking went on. Michael even took a ride in the umbrella stroller as Mima walked him around the block in the cool, sunny afternoon. When she brought the stroller back inside, Abby took a doll, strapped it in, and began to push the stroller around, all while donning Michael's hat.

Michael looked so handsome, all decked out in his new Thanksgiving finery, which was a gift to him from Nana. However, he managed to pee through it before I got a picture (though you can kind of see the shirt on him, crawling around on the floor in that first picture).

After dinner, however, as he lounged around in the extra outfit I brought for him (it's finally the season for Christmas pajamas!) I couldn't resist pulling out the camera.

Look how good he's gotten at standing up.

He was pretty tired by this time, however (it was nearly bedtime, and he got only half a nap this afternoon), so right after I took the above picture, he wobbled a bit, and landed on his little tush.

My sleepy little guy. The transition from car to home predictably woke him, but a nice warm bottle got him nice and woozy, and he was "out" before Tom made it to the top of the stairs with him.

I'm feeling pretty sleepy, myself. But also, incredibly thankful. I'm grateful every day, for too many things to list, but, of course, today is the day for contemplating all of those amazing blessings.

Like each and every day that I am given to spend with my beautiful, amazing family. And my incredible husband, who is my rock, and my lifeline. For my faith; the beauty, comfort, strength, and community that it provides. For our home, which we have worked so hard to save up for, and now can call our very own. For the health and safety of my immediate and extended family. But most of all for Love- the love of my husband, my children, and of my Father in Heaven, who has made everything possible.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Much love to you all.