Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One of Those Days...

It's been one of those days. Not a lot going on; certainly nothing interesting. A day spent, butt in chair, aware of a million things I should be doing, but feeling entirely too exhausted to take any of them on. And then my sweet, supportive husband got me moving, chased me off to the bathroom to shower, and dragged my lazy bum out to Wegmans to join him and the kids for an evening shopping trip slash dinner.

We got home past the kids' bedtime, and Tom had to rush around getting them ready as quickly as possible, because (as has become my life lately) I was feeling rather ill after dinner.

But it was all worth it. I didn't get done the things that I think I should have, but I got out of the house. I went, I saw, I did. Something, anyway.

And over the course of the day, I remembered that little bit of Abby cuteness that I simply could not locate in the disorganized recesses of my brain yesterday.

Cute Abby Moment of the Day: Little Cook-In-training

Tom loves to cook, and happily does it alone, but I know that he can't wait for the day when he can make it a team effort with someone. He used to always drop hints to me that he'd love for us to cook together, but along came our first baby, and then our second, and it's just not something that we can make work nowadays, logistically.

However, he's gotten in the habit of bringing Abby up to keep him company in the kitchen while he works. It started off as a favor to me on days that I was particularly wiped out by the evening, so that I would have only one child to manage as I waited on dinner. Over time, both Tom and Abby have come to appreciate the time together as something special, to be looked forward to on the days (which have become fewer and farther between) that Tom can actually find the time, before it's gotten entirely too late, for some amount of dinner preparation.

As Tom works, he narrates to Abby what he is doing, both to teach and entertain her. Being that she's so smart, and such a little sponge, it should have come as no surprise to either of us when Abby began to retain some of what Tom has been demonstrating to her. And yet, every little thing that she learns causes us such joy and wonderment, every time.

Last night, as Tom picked up an onion, he said, "Abby, what is this?"

"An onion," she said, "Cut the ends off!"

You should have seen Tom's face- how proud he was- when he reported back to me that she remembered how to properly chop an onion.

And later, as he started on the carrots, Abby said, "Chopping up the carrots."

Then there's my dear, sweet, little Michael. He has his share of moments, too. He made my night, tonight.

Cute Michael Moment of the Day: A Nifty Nighty-night 


As has become our routine, as Tom carried Michael up the stairs, he stopped for a moment said to him, "Say night-night to Mommy!" Michael just giggled, throwing his head back in that bashful grin that he does, and flashing his dimples.

But then, as Tom began to ascend once again, Michael raised his right arm in the air, and began to swing it up and down.

For a moment, I was in disbelief. He wasn't waving at me, was he?

On the off-chance that he was, I began to wave at him, and in response, Michael ramped up the movement, and enthusiasm. He even got his little fingers going, in an open-and-closed hand motion.

He was waving! In his own, special, Michael way.

And that was that. An amazing ending to a perfectly ordinary day.

But that's the beauty of children. At any given moment, they have it in them to quite literally take your breath away.