Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tenacious at Ten Months

We spent most of Michael's ten-month "birthday" at Mima and Granda's house, so his photos were taken against the backdrop of the lovely brown suede double chair in their living room. I really like the effect of the brown behind Michael, though he definitely presented a challenge for me this time around. He's so vibrant and energetic now (and so thoroughly mobile), that it's tough to get him to keep still.

Initially, he was pretty distracted by the brand-new (to him) toys that I gave him to play with, so I got some action shots of him trying them out.

This was the point at which Granda walked by, and Michael became interested in observing his comings and goings.

I was determined to get at least a couple of smiles out of the set, though, so I began my usual routine of jumping out from behind the camera, making silly faces and noises, and jumping back behind it in a desperate attempt to re-frame my shot before I lost it.

As usual, I was only marginally successful at actually capturing good pictures this way.

However, Michael got plenty excited by my behavior today. So excited, in fact, that he began performing his signature Michael move- a frenetic bouncing motion that he does from a seated position, but manages to get quite a bit of air and forward movement on.

Here he is, just getting going.

And then proceeding to bounce, bounce, bounce...

... right out of the frame.

I handed him back his toys to calm him down a bit, but after that he began to focus on gnawing away at them, and sadly, partially blocking his beautiful face in the process.

But when he began to give me the "paparazzi block..."

... and tried to then sneak away, I knew that my photography session was over for the day.

I wasn't ready to let go of the camera just yet, though, so I opted to sneak in some candid shots of him "getting his play on."

Michael made sure to add another special significance to the day, however, as if the 10-month anniversary of his birth weren't enough to celebrate.

He pulled himself up on the diaper bag, picked up a sippy cup from within, and then stood there, hands off of anything but his prize, for five long seconds. He didn't even seem to notice that he had done it. But once he does- look out! I suspect that my reality will include a toddling version of my baby boy in the not-too-distant future...

Cue the deep, steadying breaths. One thing is for certain, though- the challenges that his newest achievement may bring will be so worth it in exchange for the joy that it will bring me to see him following his big sister around on two tiny feet. After all, it will be the day that he's been waiting for his whole life, come to fruition at last.