Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Attitude

Mia's hair has now reached a critical length at which it no longer sticks straight up in the air, but rather falls forward onto her forehead, getting in the way of her eyes and her inevitable food messes.

Today, I decided, it was time for a change.

Don't let the look fool you; she loved it once I stopped messing with her hair.

She's feelin' good from her head to her shoes (well, if she had them...)
Knows where she's goin' and she knows what to do
She tidied up her point of view (and her hairdo)
She's got a new attitude

I spent all day marveling at the cuteness, and she enjoyed the freedom of unhindered eyelashes.

Of course, the best part- for me- came at the end of the day. I should have expected it, but got a surprise thrill at the sight all the same.


All of a sudden, I wish her hair growth would slow down just a bit. Heck, I wish every bit of her would slow down. I want to hold onto this stage, this age, for as long as I can.

T- 19 days and counting. Be still, my aching heart.