Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mobile Moments, 3/10-3/16

When it comes to this week, I'm not sure where to even begin. Three days of face time in the office for Tom, who normally works from home every weekday but Tuesday, made for more hectic lunch and nap times for me. This was, of course, the perfect circumstance in which a late-winter cold should strike both Mia and me, making everything just a little more difficult to cope with. Though it waited to show its face until after our mid-week play date, we were forced to sniffle and cough through a shopping trip on Friday and bridal shower festivities on Saturday. Well, I did, anyway. Mia has thankfully been handling the virus better than I have.

All of these outings meant lots of time in the car with Abby, the cutest backseat driver that ever there was. They've also meant that I've had hardly any time to rest and let my immune system do its thing, but I can't really regret the great time that we had on or mall trip, witnessing Abby's awe at the ferocity of the wind that evening, spending time with good friends as they celebrated their upcoming nuptials, and stepping outside my front door to experience the beauty of the day yesterday, which rivaled even last weekend's surprise pleasant weather.

And how are we capping off all of the craziness-slash-loveliness? Why, with another snow storm, of course, which began a few hours ago. The reports of it have been to irritating even me, who never gets out of the house much regardless of what's going on outside of it. I must be ready for spring when seeing delicate flakes begin to fall outside of my window ceases to fill me with the same thrill that it once did, not so very long ago.

Give it a couple more days, though, and I'm sure we'll be jumping in mud puddles all over again.

Independent parallel play means no bickering, fighting, or stealing- a rare but beautiful sight amidst young siblings.

Mia discovers the best toy evar at Wednesday's play date.

Never too late to bring out a Christmas present, right?

Now that the ball pit has been inflated, it's great fun for everyone.

Abby proves that she's now big enough to push her little sister around. Her steering needs some work, though.

Sweet Michael got nary a drop of yogurt on his shirt as he sat in a big boy chair and sipped his milk through a straw.

Abby plays dress-up on her sister.


Overheard this week:


Eyeing the freshly-cleaned playroom that I tackled while she was upstairs coloring after lunch: "It's still a little bit messy. There's a lid on the floor."

During storytime, as her father reads out loud that 'Mammals are warm-blooded animals... with hair or fur': "I have hair or fur!"

While attempting to dress her little sister: "Mia, don't take off your hat! You could damage it."

Thinking out loud while watching Cars, as Lightning McQueen exclaims that 'Doc is a famous race car!': "Well, he was, but he's not now..."


"Book, cheese, bus, pee-pee."


"Buh!" (Is she following in her big brother's footsteps again, and attempting "book," perhaps?)