Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mobile Moments, 2/24-3/2

Somehow, I ended up ridiculously short on mobile shots this week. In fact, nearly all of the pictures that I managed to scrounge up are courtesy of Tom and his phone, which he graciously shared with me. The deficiency might have something to do with the fact that I've been busy playing with my "real" camera, taking eleven-month pictures of little Amelia. Or maybe it's more to do with my focus on all of the big events that have been happening this week, like the birth of a new nephew for Tom me and cousin for the kids, and Mia's sudden foray into the world of verbal communication.

Certainly, we've been keeping ourselves busy. Between play dates, birthday parties, and related errands, I managed to get out of the house not one or two but three times this week. Just in time, too, since it's looking like we'll be getting snowed in once more in just a few short hours. Though the snow has gotten everyone around me positively quaking with anxiety, I must admit I'm game for another brief shut-in. I could do with a little time to recover from the past few busy days, and I've got quite a bit of built-in entertainment in the form of Abigail to carry me through until the beautiful, blinding whiteness melts away into soggy wet all over again.

Posing for pictures.

(Ever-so-innocently) getting into the embroidery floss.

Patiently (and stylishly) waiting for Daddy to finish buckling her in.

Super-sleepy, sans-morning-nap babies get much happier (though no less sleepy) up on Mommy's back.

Despite a valiant effort to make it through her playmate's party awake, little Mia succumbed to sleep.

This yummy cake guaranteed a tasty celebration for all involved.

Michael, in particular, greatly enjoyed the treat.

Filling in the border now. Soon there will only be backstitching left to do.

Overheard this week:


(To Mia, in the midst of a tantrum, who was giggling for unrelated reasons): "Mia, don't laugh. It's not funny."

Between Tom and Abby

T: "Can I bite your nose?"
A: "You can, but you may not."




"Bye bye, bottle, Mama, Dada"
(She also tried her hand at mimicking pumpkin, don't, and no. She's gonna be quite the talker, this one.)