Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mobile Moments, 3/17-3/23

We're midway through March now, and though the forecast is calling for still more snow, I'm mainly focused on the fact that this is my very last Sunday before I have a three, two and one-year-old in my midst. It's been fairly difficult to concentrate on much else, like prepping the house for Mia's upcoming family-attended celebration, the play date I'm scheduled to host this week, and actually implementing my plan to potty-train Michael.

The poor guy is so eager to flush that potty, but he's got to learn to put something in it first. Though we've had a couple of successes thus far in our current experimental stage, I think it's going to take some serious diaper-less time to help him figure out the process. However, I'm still trying to figure out the best time to start and have a good span of days without interruption.

I'm also still trying to figure out how to get back into blogging more regularly again. Lately, the days have seemed too long and exhausting, and good ideas for content have been few and far between. While it's been a bit of a relief to slow down from the daily schedule I used to keep, and I think it unlikely I'll ever return to such a commitment, I've begun to fear I'm missing out on recording all of the little things, which I did try to catch up on this week.

It's late now, and I'm getting too tired to figure out how to wrap this up, so here come the pictures:

Morning squats with Daddy.

She's got her eye on the doorknobs, now.

Putting that desk to good use, finally.

Abby has claimed the ball pit as her castle.

There she is, in an 18-month size sleeper for the first time. It shouldn't fit so well, but it does.

Can't go wrong with french bread and fancy cheese.

Mia's new favorite trick: to lie flat on the floor as if sleeping, then pop back up again, newly refreshed.

Roses and ribbon are done. Next up: the leaves.

Overheard this week:


(In response to my request that she stop her current shenanigans): "No, I never stop. I wanna break stop. I wanna throw stop. I wanna smash stop. I wanna eat stop."

(Creating dialogue for one princess figurine to another): "Princesses don't dance. They swim."


"Circle, please."


"Mei Mei." She's also mimicked any number of random words and phrases, and perfected her wave-on-command and hi-five.