Saturday, September 21, 2013

When the NJ Grandparents Come to Town...

Here's what happened when Nana and Papa came to town:

Abby and Michael finally got a chance to check out the local PB & Jack (Mia was busy trying to catch some Z's in the Ergobaby).

Abigail debuted her tri-Abby-tail (and loved it).

Nana brought some more new books, and made sure that Abby will be super-psyched for Halloween this year.

Mia and Daddy engaged in some stimulating floor conversation.

Michael tried to get a group wrestling session going.

Mia decided that she's (at least temporarily) outgrown that whole "if you're not Mommy or Daddy I don't like you" phase, and managed some awesome bonding time with Papa despite a bit of initial trepidation.

Mommy took it all in with a smile (and a camera or two).