Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mobile Moments, 9/2-9/8

The bulk of this week's pictures were taken on our brief trip to and from Pittsburgh. Our departure was last-minute and highly disorganized (I forgot to even bring any toys for entertainment at the hotel); the entire experience thoroughly exhausting, but the kids did pretty well. Getting them all to sleep in one hotel room was tricky, however we managed to get every little eye shut tight by 9:30 pm. Mia kept her usual wake-up pattern and thankfully did not disturb the slumber of her siblings, who began to stir for the day around 7:00 am.

The drive was also blessedly uneventful. We needed no more than one stop each way, and Mia saved most of her screaming for the drive from my parents' (where we detoured on the way back to wait out rush hour) to home.

Abby understood very little of what went on around her, Michael even less so. She did, however, offer a quiet goodbye with butterfly kisses at my prompting as we stood by my grandmother's casket, and a rather loud "Bye bye!" one last time as the pallbearers moved it into the church lobby. She then proceeded to chant "Pajama time!" as I first stifled laughter and then tears in my corner of the entryway.

She's been mostly accepting of the things that she has learned from the experience, though she continues to question us at odd times: "Why was Grandma/Grand-aunt (her terms for Great-Grandma) so old?" is an oft-repeated one. (We've explained that Great-Grandma died because she was very old). Mostly, though, like the rest of us, she's gotten quickly back into the usual routine, and up to her usual hijinks.

"Keep calm and carry Sophie."

Carseat coyness.

Pint-sized Abby in a full-sized bed.

Stretching out after the long car ride.

Improvising in a toy-less hotel room.

Trying out the Pack n' Play bassinet.

Nothing like a cold glass of milk at the end of the day...

All asleep within minutes of departure after the viewing, Mass, and lunch that followed.

Practicing her "angry face" with Granda.

Modeling for Mima.

Making peace look cute.

Watercolor Saturday morning.

Someone's discovered her toes!

Overheard this week:


"You stinker!" (Favorite new phrase, courtesy of Great-Aunt Jan)

Between Abby and Tom

A: "Did Mommy give you your phone?"
T: "Yes, Sweetie."
A: "Oh, what a polite little girl!"

T: {To me} "So I don't know about..."
A: {Interrupting} "...You don't know about making Pecan Pie!"

A: "Is Grandma walking to Heaven?"
T: "Yes."
A: {Looking up and pointing}"This is the ceiling. The builders made it."
(We've been working on helping Abby differentiate between sky and ceiling- God made the sky; builders made the ceiling- and have told her that Heaven is way up in the sky.)

T: "Mei Mei is coming to see you later today."
A: "My crazy Aunt Mei Mei?"


No new words that I could identify, but his increasingly frequent chatter is beginning to sound a whole lot like language now.