Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Six-Month Sensation

The Easter before Abby turned six months, she received this dress from her Nana:

Though she didn't wear it for Easter, since I already had a different dress picked out, I was excited to see her in it and so dressed her up for the "month" pictures.

Michael, of course, had a different outfit entirely.

The shots I got of Abby in that pretty pink dress remain some of my favorites to date, however, so I thought I'd continue the tradition with Mia when she hit six months.

That day was today for my little fuzzy-haired princess, and though she was rather distracted by her friends Pooh and Piglet when I first began to take pictures of her...

... she pretty quickly got into the swing of things.

I love how well her smile shows off those hard-earned first couple of teeth.

She's still stubbornly hanging onto the stork bites she's had since birth. Even in photographs you can still see the ones between her eyebrows, though the patches above her right eye and on the back of her head have faded quite a bit.

It's fascinating to observe how the different smiles reflect the different personalities. When fancies were appropriately tickled, Abby could nearly always be counted on for a goofy smile; Michael for a beaming grin; and Amelia? She seems to have mastered the mischievous smirk (see below). When she and her brother start teaming up, life as I know it really will be over...

Though she still has zero interest in pacifiers, Amelia adores chewing on her hands and various cloth items, like her buddies Piglet and Bunny Foo Foo. She also will happily suck on the nylon straps of her bouncy chair for seemingly endless amounts of time.

She's still got such long, delicate fingers. I wonder if she'll take to the piano, like her Papa and Great-Uncle Richard.

"Oh, hey! Here's a nice cloth item to chew on."

Again with the teeth. I can hardly stand it. I thought I loved her gummy smile; I love this more.

As you can see, she's been learning how to point her toes, too. Oh, the possibilities...

Though she started off leaning back against the pillows behind her, she got brave towards the end and began to sit forward.

All the better to investigate her dress...

I let her go with it for awhile, even as I remained poised to leap in her direction.

This was the point at which she made the somewhat-predictable attempt to roll off of the sofa.

And so, having gotten quite a few memorable shots under my belt, I decided to call it a wrap.

It's been quite the experience, poring over these pictures and comparing them to her siblings'; remembering how small they once were, noting all of the small variations and differences. I've been prompted on more than one occasion to offer the opinion that Mia is a "good mix of her two siblings, while favoring Abby," which a lot of the time I find to be true. However, if there's one thing that's surely clear to me from looking at all of these pictures its that- more than anything- Mia is uniquely herself.

Also, in the category of Most Hair Growth for Her Age, she's unquestionably the champ. Oh, boy, am I ever going to miss that fuzz when it's gone.