Monday, September 9, 2013

My Peachy Keen Tangerine Dream

During my last pregnancy (in which we left the s.e.x. of the baby a mystery), I found myself daydreaming about having another girl, if only to pull out all of the girly outfits that Abby wore and use them all over again. In reality, between the unfortunate mismatch of seasons and available sizes, and the abundance of new clothing available thanks to the generosity of relatives, I haven't actually dressed the girls in many of the same things (with the exception of wear-around-the-house-onesies) as often as I would have thought I might.

The other problem has been a severe lack of organization on my part. I've been trying to weed out appropriately-sized clothes at all of the right intervals, but since most days I'm scrambling just to keep up with the usual business, Mia tends to rotate between the same five onesies as they become clean, and only when Tom and I have somewhere to go does the need arise to find something different.

Most recently, I found a few classy numbers in my search to pack cute things for our trip last week. Among them was an orange-and-white two piece that was a favorite of mine back when Abby was small. When she wore it, I used to affectionately refer to her as my "Tangerine Dream."

The moniker was especially appropriate when I finished off the look with a bib decorated to look like an orange slice.

The colors have faded over time and multiple washings, so the orange is no longer as bright as it once was. To Tom's eyes, it looked to be a shade of peach when he came downstairs to find Mia all decked out in it. He immediately dubbed her his little "Peachy Keen," a nickname which Abby has joyfully repeated all day long.

Hand-me-down though it may be, I love it just as much on Mia -if not more- as I did on Abby. After all, on Abby it was just another cute outfit. On Mia- well- it really gets my sentimentality going to see it worn again. I was brought nearly to tears this evening looking back and forth at the two of them, realizing that for Abby to have worn it, she must really have been Mia's size once. She's grown so much since then.

As for Mia, she's determined to catch up. I've been noticing a recent determination to sit up higher and reach farther as she sits in her chair or on my lap.

This afternoon, I decided to put her skills to the test.

Though she needed a bit of hand-holding at first...

... she soon found the courage to let go (after first attempting to gnaw on my hand), and amazingly held her position for a good ten seconds before toppling back into the cushion.

She's still got a little ways to go (a couple more weeks if she's anything like her brother) but she seems to be well on her way to sitting up independently, now.

There's a good lounge, my Peachy Keen. You certainly earned it today.