Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mobile Moments, 8/26-9/1

It's September now, but it hardly feels like it. I keep hearing about how everyone's going back to school or preschool, but since no one here is affected, the change is hard to fathom. This is really no different a reality than I've had for many years now- I judge the coming of Fall by the chill in the air and the changing colors, rather than the purchase of school supplies- but I feel like more of an outsider in the midst of it now that I see many of Abby's friends crossing that preschool threshold before her.

Of course, such feelings have taken a back burner to dealing with the ever-changing needs of now and today. We're finishing out the week just barely having beat down this late summer cold, but we've flourished in spite of it. In fact, the littlest sniffler came out the other side with a whole extra tooth, which first appeared on Monday and has since completely caught up with its predecessor in level of exposure. It's not over yet, though- the excessive gnawing and drooling I witnessed today tells me there's more to come, very soon.

In the meantime, the second-littlest has had a mini-language explosion, experimenting with a record number of six new words in one week. He's also managed to make some more use of previously-expressed words/sounds, such as "up," and "moo." As for Abby- armed with a new writing instrument (a Mini Magna-Doodle board)- she has begun miraculously displaying some rudimentary capability in forming letters, notably "T" and "L," and the number 1 (aka a straight, vertical line).

Much fun has been had- in general- with the gifts brought back from San Diego by Mei Mei last Sunday, but particularly with the Mini Magna-Doodle. It would be nice if an automatic knack for sharing and fair play had gone hand-in-hand, but alas- that's expecting rather too much of my rambunctious, eager, getting-so-very-big-but-still-so-very-small elder children. Honestly, they've done well, considering.

Sister snuggles.

Little toys all in a row.

Mastering the tic-tac-toe grid. (Someday, we'll learn to play, too.)

Dolly snuggles.

Mia meets "Crush."

Pink Ladies.

Michael, the friendly ghost (creatively using Mia's sleep sack).

Post-church prettiness.

Little spaceman.

Overheard this week:


As she was "making sillies" for Amelia: "Mia thinks I'm so hilarious."

Keeping Tom company during dinner preparation:
     A: "Daddy, can we watch the new Dr. Who?"
     T: "Abby, I think we should first focus on making progress on the meatballs."
     A: "No, let's not focus on the meatballs."

In the midst of bouncing in her booster seat: "'Yeah, yeah!' she said, while jumping up and down." (I guess we're into self-narration, now?)

Approaching me searchingly, as I sat lost in thought and feeling sad after receiving some bad news: "Mommy, are you okay?"


"Bonk, yeah, puppy (puh), hop, pop, boom"


{CHOMP} {CHOMP} {drool}