Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mobile Moments, 9/9-9/15

We've spent most of the past week battling an unexpected summer cold, but I think we finished off on an upswing. Between a birthday-party-that-wasn't, then was, (perhaps the subject of tomorrow's post?) and an unplanned visit to Mima and Granda's, we packed a week's worth of excitement into the weekend following a lazy few days locked inside at home.

Though we've learned the hard way that an overload of sugar in the form of ice cream cake and juice, followed by a late, unsubstantial nap and coupled with lingering illness does not sit well with Michael, we've also been privy to some exciting developmental achievements from Mia, an impressive display of resilience from Abby, and monumental cuteness (like this and this) from Michael.

Best of all, I've been able to counter the extra stress of wiping snot, soothing crankiness, and waking more frequently from night-long coughing with my new-found ability to indulge in all things dairy. I'd like to say that the scones I was finally able to enjoy for breakfast today better prepared me for the insanity that was my evening, but the day we all spent together at a good friend's park-hosted birthday party certainly made it all worth it, regardless.

Practicing this "sitting up" thing.

"What tiny teeth you have!"

Contemplating how best to grab that butterfly.

No need to lean toward the bee when you can bring it to you.

Making a case for bringing back eighties fashion.

Sidewalk chalk on Mima and Granda's patio.

Finally, double Abby-tails!

Chilly Sunday morning.

Abby's first time rock wall climbing (with Mommy and Mia).

Perfectly toddler-sized swing.

Mia's first park swing experience.

Big Brother is really digging Little Sister's hat.

Another swing picture (how could I not include this one?).

Swinging sisters.

Mommy-Michael time.

Bonus (because Michael somehow got shortchanged in the photo montage this time around):

Overheard this week:


In response to my reprimand that she should not be putting non-food items in her mouth: "No blocks in my mouth. No blankets in my mouth. No dolls in my mouth. No hat-eating."

As Mia is reaching out for her face: "She's taking some boogers out of my nose!"

As she is munching on Kix cereal for breakfast: "Mia doesn't like Kix. When Mia gets older, she's gonna have Kix, and she's gonna say, 'These are delicious!'"

After I finish reading her a rather lengthy book, and tell her she'll need to wait until a bit later to hear it again (channeling Gob from Arrested Development, even though she's never seen the show): "C'mon!"

Holding up a morsel of cereal: "Is this a kick?" (Totally valid question, right? I've often wondered what the singular of Kix might be...)

Upon hearing that she'll be gaining a brand-new cousin in a few more months: "What is her name?" (Gender hasn't been determined yet, so maybe Abby knows something that we don't {wink wink}?)

Between Abby and Tom

A: "I'm giving up my thumbs."
T: "You mean a 'thumbs-up?'"
A:" I'm giving a thumbs-up!"
T: "To what, your lunch?"
A: "No. I'm giving a thumbs-up to my yogurt, milk, and sandwich."
T: "So, lunch. Right?"
A: "Yeah."

After pretending to shake some salt on Abby's macaroni and cheese:
T: "Do you want some pepper, too?"
A: "Yes."
A: "Now it's more better!"


"Doctor!" (times 50)
(Additionally, he's made multiple attempts at the starting sounds of various words, but I failed to write them down so I've -of course- since forgotten what they were...)


"Mamamama" (actually, she's been doing that one for the past two weeks or so but now I can add to that "Dadadadada, bababababa, and bwabwabwa."

Perhaps best of all: "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Also, maybe it's all in my head and time will prove me right or wrong (it's possible I'm just observing some kind of reflex rather than a conscious action), but I could swear that now when Amelia really wants to be picked up, she reaches out her arms to indicate her desire.