Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mobile Moments, 8/5-8/11

August has not been my friend thus far. The recent transition from post-partum limbo into a sudden return of monthly "business as usual" has not been an easy one for me, and tortuous-level sleep deprivation has not helped matters. Perhaps due to the onset of teething, Mia has been overnight sleep-striking with a vengeance, and napping erratically, at best.

Michael, too, has been struggling- seemingly, with the (hopefully) last stretch of canine eruption pain and a delayed reaction to the stress of having an additional sibling in the family mix. He's been throwing fits, napping poorly and hanging out in my lap about 80% of the time that it's free (and attempting to about 99% of the time that it's not).

Abby, at least, has been adding a little fun and spice to life with the adaptation of a brand-new hairdo, a sudden flair for imaginative play, and a novel penchant for mimicry and affectation (more on that to come).

The telltale teething lower-lip suck.

"Bow ties are cool. I need a bow tie." (Thank you, Dr. Who)


Working hardly, or hardly working?

Setting up her beach blanket, preparing her picnic lunch, and setting aside bread to feed to the seagulls.

Introducing the Abby-tail!

(In a faux British accent) "Do you want to go up-stairs?"

Overheard this week:


To Michael, wandering nearby as she lay on her beach blanket- "Michael, can you get out of my ocean?"

Between Tom and Abby, regarding a book cover illustration in which a toddler is throwing a tantrum- Abby: "Why is that little girl crying?" 
Tom: "Because she didn't listen to her mommy."
Abby: "What did she climb up on?"


"Spoon ('poon), blue, woof, moo."
(He appears to be able to identify certain colors now, blue being the first.)