Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mobile Moments, 8/12-8/18

Michael turned 19 months today. I'd like to say that the swift passage of time- especially as it relates to the growth of my kids- has ceased to phase me, but I now know that it never will.

It's hard to soak in much of anything that's been going on around me though, sleep deprived as I've been this past week. We finally had a decent night with Mia last night, managing five hours between feedings (Tom had to step in and help her twice to make it to 2 am, then she stayed down from 2:30 to 7:00 all on her own), but insomnia reared its ugly and perfectly-timed head, as usual. As a result: virtually no sleep for me.

In the last day or so, however, I have confirmed two things: 1) as gigantic as Mia has been looking to me, she still needs to grow about three more inches to be as close in height to Michael as Michael is to Abby and 2) Leaf has definitely changed his state-of-being in a permanent way. I just hope that his apparent pupation is the first step towards metamorphosis, rather than death, and that I didn't mess anything up for him in my (perhaps misguided) attempt to get a picture of his cocoon.

On the plus side, Abby's ceased to ask about him, so if he doesn't make it through I think we can save the story of his demise for some far future time.

"What is this 'sitting up' thing you speak of? I'd rather LUNGE!"

Making sillies for Amelia.

All decked out in Mei Mei's hand-me-down dress.

Who knew an empty bottle could double as a teether?

What big eyes you have...

Mia hug!

Members only.

Reaching for the brass orange ring...

... Got it! (And made the music play, too.)

"So long as I can still see Mom, I'm okay. Right?"

Sweet dreams, little Leaf. The cool breeze of an early Fall evening awaits your newborn wings.

Overheard this week:


As Tom was preparing to begin some afternoon bread-making: "Daddy, you put on your apron- just like me. Daddy, where's your toque?"

Observing Tom as he poured some red wine in a glass for dinner: "Is that pink beer?"


No new words this week, but he did repeat "Mima" and "Nana" on command, and has been increasing his usage of the word "up" and the phrase "more milk" (which still sounds like "mo mih," though he's saying it with great confidence now).