Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mobile Moments, 7/29-8/4

Enter August. Though it hardly seems possible, yesterday Mia reached the age that her brother was when we moved into this house just over a year ago, and on Saturday, Michael will be the age that Abby was on that same day. It's like we're starting all over again in a similar dynamic- this time, with the genders reversed and a nearly three-year-old in the mix.

I'm hoping to get through it all with a little more sleep this time, though Mia seems to have taken that expectation as a challenge...

Mia meets Sophie.

Cranky Pebbles: She loved the new 'do but took umbrage at the yellow bow I slipped in last-minute.

Ready to dance.

Wearing her little sister's pants.

Sibling silliness.

"You talkin' ta me?"

Cooperative play? Think again. Just after I took this picture, Big Sis tried to push Little Brother off the rocker...

Overheard this week:


In response to Tom's dinnertime encouragement of, "Eat your Picadillo- it's going to make you big and strong."
"No, it's going to make me little."

A propos of nothing- "Mommy, I need my chocolate before I poop on the potty."

When I asked her, "How are you going to eat that without a spoon?" after she unceremoniously dropped aforementioned spoon on the floor- "Because I'm so good."
(She then proceeded to lick the applesauce out of the cup like a cat.)

To the uncooperatively swinging play kitchen door- "Oh, come on- stop it!"

Most of the way through the Prayer of the Faithful during Mass (presumably, when she grew tired of listening to it)- "Let's have some music!"


"Peas. Raisin."


The girl loves her jumper, and -oh boy- can she bounce!