Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Costco is the New Europe

Over the last couple of days, Tom and I have been filling Nana's head with stories about Abby's latest quirk: the random affectation of a faux English accent. Nana was eager to witness it for herself, and she and I were both hoping that perhaps she would catch a glimpse during her brief visit today.

So it was that I came out of the bedroom from putting Mia down for her nap to happen upon a lively conversation between Nana and Abigail as Abby finished up her lunch. Nana was chatting excitedly about all of the wonderful places in Europe that they should visit someday. She had started off talking about England, brainstorming various exciting parts of London that she could describe and reciting all of the "Britishisms" that she could think of. While that did not elicit the intended response, it did get her started reminiscing about all of the lovely places there were to go nearby, like France, Greece, Spain, and Italy.

As I sat down at the table, Nana was telling Abby, "... for gloves, we must go to Florence!"

Abby thought about that for a moment, then said, rather matter-of-factly, "Or Costco." (Keep in mind that Abby has never been to Costco; indeed, I'm not even sure where she ever heard of it.)

Incidentally, Nana did eventually hear that crazy accent. She just had to wait until dinner time for Abby's mood to strike.