Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mobile Moments, 8/19-8/25

Abby has spent the past several days discovering some more hand-me-down dresses from Mei Mei and me. She's absolutely smitten with them (a development I find fascinating, considering that I, apparently, would wear nothing but dresses around age four or five). Mia has sprouted her first tooth. Michael? Well, he's figured out how to throw a pretty hefty tantrum, and has been practicing his new skill with great frequency. Most of his meltdowns appear to be born of frustration, but I've yet to figure out a reliable way to help prevent them, other than temporarily assuaging him with food or giving him what he ultimately wants (and can't have): access to my lap and the viewing pleasure of a few of his favorite TV programs on the Kindle tablet at all hours of the day.

To top off the week, some nasty germs have descended upon us in the last 48 hours, and we all (except for Tom) have runny noses and/or itchy throats to show for it. Mia seems to have been hit the hardest; she was running a low-grade fever this morning, has some pretty heavy congestion, and has been fighting sleep all day despite her obvious puffy-eyed exhaustion. She's finally down for the night, and I hope- for her sake- that she gets at least one really long stretch in.

Abby and Michael have been their usual selves, plus copious amounts of booger. They, however, didn't take to bedtime quite so easily as all that...

Hooray for cooperative play!

Hanging out.

A little light reading.

All "toqued" up.


Fun with blankets.

Blanket Fort!

Tummy time times three.

The pre-pre-crawl.

Grumpy (I'm not feeling good, so leave me alone) Face.

Sharing germs with Mei Mei.

Overheard this week:


First thing in the morning, noticing the similar shades of our two shirts: "We're two pink girls!"

Any number of times: "I want to wear my pretty dress."


Gracie (Raaaaaycie!)