Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Wasn't Gonna

I really wasn't.

I've done it for half the week- posted a photo or two and called it a post.

But, I've gotta be honest here, I've been struggling pretty hard lately. Been kinda down, pretty uninspired, and really, really tired.

You wanna know why?

It's got a little to do with this face. This face right here.

I could look it all day. I do look at it all day. I love it to pieces, especially when it's not turning red and pumping out beaucoup tears.

However, I could really stand to get a break from it overnight, you know? Especially when somehow, inconceivably, I've gone from gazing upon it once, twice, maybe three times to however many times it makes when I am woken up every hour or two throughout the night.

Every hour. (Or two, cause- hey- that's so much better. I mean, it is, but...)

An especially cruel trial to be enduring given that a) I do particularly poorly on not-enough-sleep, and I need a lot to begin with and b) one of my most fervent prayers throughout my pregnancy with Mia was that she would at least be a better sleeper than her brother (not too difficult a task, that) -which she was, until about two weeks ago.

I have a new prayer now. Whatever this phase is, please let it be over soon.