Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The "If You Are Falling" Song

Abby is big into singing lately, all kinds of songs. She never has all of the lyrics of the radio hits memorized (yet, anyway), but she captures sizable chunks, and is getting really good at carrying a tune.

I've learned to tread lightly when she begins singing, however. Often, she'll let me join in, but on many other occasions, my obvious trespass has been met with an exasperated, "No! Mommy can don't sing!"

All is well when she actually requests a song, so long as you can figure out which one she's talking about. She doesn't know the titles of the vast majority of her favorites, so she names them based on phrases from the lyrics that stand out to her. For instance, as far as Abby is concerned, Ingrid Michaelson's The Way I Am is actually called the If You Are Falling Song.

She sings it incredibly well, with a little beat-boxing thrown in, and Tom tried this evening (a little too late into it) to get video evidence, but he wasn't stealthy enough.

Abby noticed him filming and quickly became far too interested in the phone to continue acting naturally.

Smart cookie though she is, there are two things that Abby still doesn't understand about phones and recording equipment: 1) You have to actually successfully take a video before you can watch yourself being recorded (unless you're playing with the forward-facing camera- confusing, I know) and 2) though today's phones can record video, phone conversations generally are audio only. Every time hold the phone to her ear and instruct her to say hello to the caller, she waves instead.

One thing should be crystal clear from this video, brief as it is: this is why it's so hard to get good pictures of a toddler. They hardly ever stop moving.

Also, Abby doesn't seem to understand the purpose of the shortened word, 'cause, though she clearly understands its meaning. Notice that she insists on saying because, when the full word is not actually used in the song. Makes me giggle just a little bit. Stubborn girl.