Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Week, Big Changes

Today marks the one-week point since Amelia's birth. I can't believe how the time has flown.

I wanted to take a picture to mark the occasion, but Little Miss still sleeps so much, and is so frequently fussy when actually awake, that this proved a bit difficult to do.

I'd given up hope of getting any good ones until this evening, when Abby pleaded with me to allow her to hold her sister before going upstairs to bed.

She asked so sweetly that even though Amelia was sleeping soundly, I couldn't say no.

Somehow, I managed to put Abby in the same outfit today that she was wearing a few days ago, when she first held Amelia, but I promise that these are brand-new shots.

As I watched Amelia sleeping peacefully through her sister's explorations of her face and hands, it occurred to me that maybe I had a chance of taking a nice one-week shot after all. It would just have to be one of her sleeping.

I guess I should have left her in Abby's arms, though, because once I shifted her to the Pack n' Play napper, she began to yawn and stretch.

And fuss.

Ah, well. Maybe I'll have better luck when the first month anniversary rolls around.

As for bedtime, it was a momentous occasion this evening. Both Abby and Michael were ceremoniously taken upstairs to new rooms, and new beds.

Michael will now be sleeping in Abby's old crib; the big one in the nursery. However, we bought a new breathable crib liner and curtains to spice up the place for him. He'll have the run of the place until it's time to move Amelia out of our bedroom, and then it will be time for some big changes once again.

And Abby has finally moved to the room that we always intended for her, and the toddler bed that has been waiting for her for months, now.

We had a trial run this afternoon, and the video monitor that I purchased to ease my fears about having a toddler running loose in her bedroom revealed that she stayed put when Tom left the room, and slept soundly for over two hours.

She was thrilled to be back in her "big girl bed" tonight.

Though the tiny video screen can only show me so much detail in the dark, I can see her little toddler head lying peacefully on the mattress, where it has been since Tom and I both said "goodnight."

Incidentally, not only is Amelia one week old today, Abby is exactly two-and-a half.

Be still, my heart. My biggest little girl is really growing up.