Friday, April 26, 2013

Stairs are Scary

I'm posting after midnight at this point, so technically I've missed the day (though thanks to Blogger thinking I'm on Pacific Time, my tardiness will not be indicated in the date), but I suppose that's the price I'm paying for finally trying to carve out nearly three hours to watch The Hobbit, which I received as I gift in my Easter Basket, nearly a month ago. I spent the vast majority with a sleeping newborn in my arms, but I managed it, all the same.

I haven't much energy left now to come up with any quality content, so I must admit that this post is a bit of a placeholder, at best. I do have one Cute Abby Moment to share, though, so I may as well:

Abby was quite reluctant to climb the stairs to bed, and kept leaning her head back to sneak one last peek at Mei Mei (who came for dinner) down in the living room below. At some point, she ascended so high on the stairs that she had to lean back past a point at which she could maintain her balance, and she lost her footing. Luckily, Tom was right there to steady her, but in his own panic, he chastised her rather harshly. Between his displeasure and her own bewilderment, Abby was overcome and began to cry.

Once they reached the top of the steps, Tom took a moment to gently reiterate to Abby that it's important not to play on the stairs. "Because stairs are scary," Abby offered, voice wavering.