Monday, April 1, 2013

Amelia's First Outing

Well, technically, Mia's very first outing was to the hospital, since she wasn't actually born there. But since that time, her first trip out of the house (not counting a stroller walk around the neighborhood on Saturday) was today, for her five-day follow-up appointment.

It was such a perfect day for bringing her outside, and had I not been so tired this afternoon, I would have tried to take her back out again. However, it was nice to be out and about for the short time that we were able, and the appointment, though not the best experience for little Mia, revealed all kinds of good things.

Mia now weighs 8 lbs, 9 oz, a mere 8% loss from her birth weight. I cannot even begin to express how ecstatic I was to hear that, given that I've had not one, but two, babies before her who lost a sufficient amount that multiple weigh-ins were required, and discussions about supplementation were had. For some reason, she's measuring 21 inches long, so I'm not sure whether the hospital begrudged her a half-inch, the doctor's office added it, or she magically grew in the last five days. Given that the surprised nurse who examined Mia checked and re-checked her measurement, I'd say it was either the first or last possibility.

Given how well she's been eating, I wonder if it could very well have been a magical growth spurt.

In any case, everything looked really good, except that due to a bit of yellowish tint that the nurse detected in her complexion, one last blood draw was ordered to check Mia's bili levels. This meant one last heel prick, which was unpleasant, but Mia took it as well as could be expected. Thankfully, though, the results were absolutely normal, so we are free-and-clear now, God willing, for at least the next two weeks (when she has her two-week follow-up).

More bonus: Mia did amazingly in the car, both on the way up and the way back, and this evening she napped alone in the bassinet for a full hour (a record so far). Though she's been a great sleeper since she came home, she's only seemed to manage long stretches while in close proximity to us. Though I am adoring indulging her in this during the day, I'm hoping to get her used to sleeping alone at night so that we don't have to keep resorting to bed-sharing, which makes me too nervous to allow for good quality sleep.

Maybe tomorrow we'll have time to break out the swing and see how well she naps in there.

Most exciting of all, perhaps, though, was that Mia had her longest wakeful period thus far today. She was awake all throughout dinner, calm and happy in her Rock n' Play sleeper.

And so breathtakingly beautiful.

She may look a bit grumpy in these, but that's because silly Mommy was annoying her with a big, bright flash.

Have I mentioned that I'm in love?