Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why Not?

Granted, a large portion of blame lies on us for a) leaving today instead of, say, yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow, and b) not making sure we were out the door at the "crack of dawn."

I wasn't exactly surprised when we ran into less-than-ideal traffic circumstances, as a result. That didn't make it much easier to cope with, however. It made it harder, really, because not only was I frustrated with all of my fellow travelers for being on the road, I was frustrated with myself for not getting it together to prepare everything last night, and for not moving faster this morning.

We didn't leave even remotely close to sun-up, since a large part of our packing got done when we woke up in the morning. Initially, it appeared that we were on our way at around 10:00, however after making a quick run to CVS to pick up some travel-sized formula bottles, I realized that we had forgotten camera chargers, and we reluctantly made one last stop at home. It turned out to be a good move, because as I was scrambling around getting the chargers I came for, I realized we had packed the base units of both baby monitor sets, but neither of the receivers.

Ultimately, we ended up leaving at 10:20, and arrived at our destination almost exactly eight excruciating hours later.

Most of our time was eaten up just past Baltimore, MD, when we first sat around for awhile in pretty bad congestion on 95 N, and then were faced with a quandary due to the closure of the Maryland House rest stop. We could either continue on another (very slow) 31 miles to Chesapeake House (which I wasn't certain was open either), or get off the highway to find a place for lunch. I was aware that the Maryland rest stops would be closed; we saw the signs regarding some kind of contract change just before Thanksgiving (great timing, by the way, when it results in closures during the two main travel holidays), however we normally blast through Maryland pretty quickly, and I had hoped to avoid having to stop there altogether.

Since we left so close to lunchtime, our timing was not ideal for that scenario even in the best of circumstances, and the traffic made it impossible. So, a nearby exit it was. However, it seemed that many other travelers had the same idea, and between them and all the local last-minute shoppers, it took thirty minutes to reach our restaurant of choice. We spent perhaps 40 minutes eating lunch, and then battled traffic for another thirty just to get back on the highway.

Almost two hours lost, right there.

I could not believe my eyes when we hit the four-hour mark and had still not crossed the state line into Delaware (that finally happened at the 4.5 hour mark).

Anyway, long story short, we finally made it to Nana and Papa's, just 15 minutes after Michael crossed into crisis-level hysteria.

It's a good thing we're going to be around for a week, because I can't even think about making the trip back for a long, long, while.

We'll be sure to plan it better next, time, though.

I hope.


Ooh, ooh! Before I go, though, I have to share Abby's amazing moment of the day (and the whole point of this post) .

Abby was busily getting into things that she shouldn't as we rushed around packing this morning, including a stroller that was propped against the living room wall. Concerned that she would pull the stroller down on herself, Mei Mei said to Abby, "Don't touch that!"

To which Abby responded, "Why not?"

I know, I know, the day will come (probably by tomorrow) that I will wish I'd never heard those words cross her lips, but I still got a kick out of hearing them for the very first time.