Friday, December 7, 2012

Puke, Parte.. um, Trois?

So I'm not sure how often I'll get the opportunity to address the group here, but since my wife is having a pretty tough night tonight, she's letting me guest blog to let everyone know how things are going.

Michael was sick last night, but then it turns out that I picked up whatever he and Abby have, and had some issues in the middle of the night. Felt better almost immediately, but it didn't help Sharon, who was already hardly getting any sleep anyways. Of course, the fact that she's now the only one not to have come down with this bug isn't making things any easier.

My stomach has been fine throughout the day--really the biggest hassle was my low energy levels (further exacerbated by my inability to have any coffee), and of course Sharon was wiped out throughout the day as well. Thankfully there weren't too many time-specific tasks with work today, so I was able to move around the house where ever we needed some parental observation.

Her stomach has been off all day, but of course it's hard to tell whether it's due to the bug or just her general pregnancy ickiness (made worse by the stress that she might already be sick but not know it). She's finally getting some rest now, and hopefully she's reached the point that her body finally has to shut itself down for a break.

Michael is feel better--his doctor advised giving him smaller bottles more frequently, and then working his way up to full amounts. Through a variety of factors, he missed his second nap, which made him a little cranky here and there but ultimately made it easier for him to go down tonight.

I don't have any pictures of the kids, but generally speaking they've been pretty adorable today. Michael's babbling continues to improve (he even leaves his binkie out sometimes so he can talk) and Abby is playing nicer with him (fewer ocassions where she grabs whatever's in his hands). Sharon found her a fun Christmas video this morning:

...which, unfortunately, led to me trying to find more Christmas videos for her on Youtube for a good half-hour while getting things started this morning. Hmm, that video went from like 2.2m views this morning to about 3.8--I wonder how many of them were because of kids like Abby wanting it again and again?

Well, that's about it for now. Sharon's finally resting, and I know she'd love to hear from her readers, so be sure to hit the comments below or on FB so she's got something nice to read in the morning.


  1. Feel better Sharon! I'm sorry that you are feeling crummy, and you do have a wonderful husband for taking over your blogging for a bit!

  2. Thanks, Ashley. I'm so grateful to Tom, always. And feeling a bit better this evening, finally. :)