Monday, December 24, 2012

Catching Up to Christmas Eve

Despite being either pregnant or post-partum for the past two Christmases, I spent them illness-free. Apparently, that was enough time to allow me to forget that illness-free is not my norm. I nearly always catch a cold just before Christmas, and this year was, sadly, no exception.

I was a bit concerned when it first came on, because the last three times I've gotten a cold in the midst of a pregnancy, it has positively knocked me on my back. However, while Saturday and Sunday mornings started off pretty miserably, I began to feel much improved by the afternoon of each day. Sunday evening unfortunately brought more discomfort, rather than less, and I was struggling quite a bit this morning. So much so that I spent much of it in bed.

Thankfully, the day went on without me, and though I was sad to miss some of them, I am overjoyed that Abigail still had plenty of new, amazing experiences.

After breakfast, she decorated the Christmas tree with Nana and Mei Mei.

Just before lunch, she decorated gingerbread men for Santa.

Around lunchtime, I ventured back downstairs, and slowly began to feel functional again.

I even managed to make it out to 4:00 Mass with Tom and Mei Mei. We elected to leave Abby and Michael home, in the care of Nana and Papa, who had plans to attend a later Mass with Uncle James, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Ali. However, we didn't want Abby to miss out on the live animals that were stationed around the manger scene outside of the church, so Nana brought her by to see them right after Mass ended.

She was quite hesitant at first, and needed some heavy encouragement to approach any one of the animals. Finally, however, she agreed to reach out a hand to a friendly black-and-white calf, and petted its head. She was also interested in the donkey, but the donkey was not nearly so interested in her, and would not lift its head for her to reach down from above. Instead, we walked over a few feet to visit Duke, a five-month-old baby goat with downy soft fur, and Abby gave him a pat of greeting.

Upon our arrival home, Nana gave Abby the honor of placing Baby Jesus in the Creche on the front lawn.

Abby didn't seem to actually want to touch any of the figures, though, so she mostly watched. But she did take a moment to check out the angel before going back inside.

And what, to our wondering eyes did [then] appear? Why, a little bit of snow! Just enough to coat the ground a bit and create for us a bit of a "Winter Wonderland" in the backyard.

I'm not sure how well she could feel the light, delicate swirling of the few flakes to be found in the chill air, but Abby held her little hand out to experience it, all the same.

As for me, I think that the Christmas spirit has caught up to me, at last. I'm so excited for what the morning will bring.