Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Surprise

Today, we received a visit from Nana and Papa. We've been coordinating with them since Thursday, and telling Abby for the last two days that she would see them very soon. However, since she doesn't have a good grasp of time yet, and how it works, I'm not sure how much all of that talk really meant to her.

She was definitely surprised and excited to finally see Nana and Papa coming up the front walk this morning. She exclaimed, "Nana!" Then, eyeing the bag that Nana was carrying, she observed, "Nana's bringing presents."

Nana did, indeed, come bearing gifts. Four Christmas-themed books, to be exact. Dedicated grandmother that she is, she also read them to Abby no less than five times each over the course of the day-long visit. Abby made sure to weasel a couple more readings out of Tom just before bedtime, as well. She never tires of being read to, particularly when the subject matter is novel to her.

Despite not being able to spot any evidence of new teeth in the back of her mouth, I'm convinced that she's working on her second set of molars. As you can see from the pictures, she had her hands and/or various random objects in her mouth all day today, and has been chewing on all kinds of things for weeks.

Michael is moving right along on the teething front. Though his left-hand top tooth still has not emerged from its hiding place, I can see the nubs of the lateral incisors on either side of his two front teeth sitting just under the skin, and his left-hand lower lateral incisor continues to inch its way upward through his gums.

Poor little monkeys, the both of them. They each took a break from chewing and drooling for some fun with Papa's cell phone, though.

There's just something about babies and cell phones. They never fail to amuse.

A good visit overall, and when it came time for Nana and Papa to leave, Abby, surprisingly, did not freak out about it. Just to be sure that we did not set off an unexpected meltdown, however, Tom and I sent our visitors out through the kitchen side door, as they announced to Abby that they were going to get some seltzer water from the refrigerator.

Tom sneered that Abby was far too smart to fall for that, at which point she looked up at him and said, cheerily, "Nana getting some seltzer."


I still say that she knew exactly what was going on, however. After all, we were quite clear that Nana and Papa were going home just before they left, and she did not wait upon their return from a "quick run for refreshments."

Perhaps, next time, we'll be brave enough to let them go out through the front door. That is, until Michael starts to understand what good-byes mean...