Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better than Ever

My optimism was rewarded. I convinced myself that it might just be worth it to do my darndest to get to sleep at a decent hour last night, and I managed, despite some residual anxiety. And ultimately, Abby had no issues whatsoever. We kept her on a BRAT-based diet until we hit the 24-hour mark (from when she was last sick), and then allowed her to expand her diet to include a few carrots, and a PB & J sandwich (for dinner).

It's as though yesterday never happened. Apart from the continuance of some strange diapers, that is. Not to get too graphic, but we've been seeing some odd colors (or lack of, really) there, in the range of "oatmeal," since Sunday. I thought it was just strange, at the time, but now I'm thinking it's related to whatever may have gone on her little tummy yesterday.

So, tomorrow I'll be giving her doctor a call, and skipping the play date. But in the meantime, based on her behavior, you'd never know a thing was wrong with her. That's comforting, at any rate.

She even spent some time in the kitchen with Daddy today, begging for the sugar cookies that he was making (though in this picture, he is preparing carrots for her snack) as he and Mei Mei futilely tried to explain that they had to be cooked, first. Hence, the binky-in-mouth-outside-of-nap-or-bedtime.

Michael hung out downstairs with me, contemplating the boundaries of his confinement, as he is wont to do.

(Photos courtesy of Mei Mei, as my pregnancy back pain has kicked in, and in general, I've been having "one of those days." I've spent the vast majority of the day planted in a couch or chair, sadly, and I'm lazing around in one, still.)

I've mentioned before that Abby enjoys watching her father cook, and has started to learn a few things from him. For instance, she can now identify kosher salt (based on the container, anyway). Impressive, no?  Therefore, though I experienced a brief moment of confusion this afternoon as she walked up to me with a tiny plastic doll tucked into a doll's cap and said, "Making a baby," it quickly occurred to me that she perhaps thought that babies could be prepared in the same way as, say, pie crust (something that she pretends to "make" on a daily basis).

With this thought in mind, I asked her, "What are you using to make the baby?"

"Fruitcake!" She immediately replied. "And the baby name: Raspberry!"