Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mobile Moments, 1/27-2/2

January turned to February in the midst of a pretty ordinary week, as far as weeks tend to go around here. However, even the ordinary seems a novelty as I've begun struggling to get back to familiar ground, and even getting a few loads of laundry done felt like a small victory, rather than just a regular chore.

So, too, has managing three blog posts in one week- hopefully a trend towards better times and better days, difficult as it has been to get back into a groove again. It's been helpful to have ideas virtually dropped in my lap: Mia's ten-month milestone called for pictures, which I grudgingly talked myself into organizing, forced myself into editing, and then took incredible pride in after all was said and done; the very next day I enjoyed a special moment with Amelia, courtesy of Abby, which I simply had to share.

Then came the weekend, which felt long, lonely and unstructured, and has gifted me with fresh doubts about just how prepared I am to face the week ahead. While much of the country has been focused on Superbowl Sunday, the significance of the date nearly slipped my mind this year. It's been a quiet Sunday here for us, marked only by a long-overdue impulse to finally take down and put away the Christmas tree and all of its relevant decorations.

I left the tree itself to Tom, a task which I have always found depressing, but made the mistake of tackling the window lights. As I carefully unthreaded them from the loop I'd made over the curtain rod, it struck me how little time had seemed to pass since I first put them up, even considering our dire procrastination. How little time, how big the change.

Doubtful as we were about our chances of a successful one, we were indeed pregnant at that moment not so long ago, and we clearly are not now. Every move I made beyond that realization seemed to have a double meaning, fraught with both sorrow and hope. Though my heart ached with every ornament box I bagged, light strand I wrapped, and creche figurine I carefully stored away, it occurred to me that my actions were somewhat of a physical manifestation of what I've been trying to do emotionally: move past, move forward, move on. That last thought, at least, was actually somewhat comforting.

Christmas is over now. My pregnancy has ended. Tomorrow is a new day.

Picnic on the bedroom floor.

Earl Grey: hot just barely warm.

She's ten months old and ready to get serious.

Artwork by Michael.

My small victory.

Mia learns all about Little Blue Truck.

Someone's mastered the one-handed lean.

Who knew dinnertime prep could be so exciting?

Michael destroys his first sippy cup.

Overheard this week:


"Bad guys don't share, and they eat people a lot of times..."

"A: that's the first letter of my name. B: that's the second letter of my name. B: that's the third letter of my name. Y: that's the fourth letter of my name."

Between Tom and Abby

T: "Abby, should we get some frozen lobster tails?"
A: "No, just fish."


"I did it!"

"Don't do that."



{nom nom} Little Miss loves mushrooms!
Development of the week: Cruising. I'm seeing more and more of it each day.