Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mobile Moments, 2/10-2/16

February has been a far kinder month than January or December. While winter itself has done its darndest to wear everyone around me down with cruel weather and tiresome illnesses, I've found hope in the lengthening of days, safety in my forced captivity, beauty in the snow.

Best of all, despite the scheming plans of mother nature, Tom and I were able to take advantage of the small window we had to get out ahead of the storm and make our way to New Jersey to see most of the extended family that we dearly missed over Christmas.

The visit has been lovely, has provided opportunities for a little pampering in the form of haircuts and a long awaited date (on Valentine's Day, no less), and was planned out for seemingly the perfect length of time: just long enough to get a good amount of visiting done, and just short enough to leave me pining for a little bit more.

We'll be headed for home tomorrow with more memories and less hair all around, and though I'm not looking forward to the long drive or the stress of re-situating upon our return, I know for sure that all of the downsides were well worth it. I have only to look at the happy faces of my family to be reminded of this truth.

That date, by the way? Amazing, made all the better for the fact that it was our very first one since June 3rd, 2012. Here's hoping we get another one in before almost two years pass by again...

Mia finally accepts a bottle on the eve of our expedition.

On the road.

Hypnotized by the latest episode of The Magic Schoolbus.

Date night!

Bonding with Papa.

Abby's first haircut.

New hairdos make Abby and Mommy feel like acting silly.


Overheard this week:


In response to Tom's prompt of "Allons-y" to encourage movement during bedtime prep: "No, don't say that! Dr. Who says that."

In reference to Mia's messy lunchtime face: "She's Mrs. Jellyface."

As her new friends were saying goodby and leaving Nana and Papa's get-together this afternoon: "Wait! I have something to tell you... Stay here."


"No." (It's great fun when he gives it as his response to the question, "Michael, can you say yes?" A real comedian, that guy.)


{Gulp} (Yay for finally taking bottles, even if we can only get her to drink almond milk for now.)