Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mobile Moments, 2/17-2/23

I can hardly believe that it was just last Sunday that I typed the previous Mobile Moments post from the basement of my in-laws' house in New Jersey. Though the past week has not felt particularly long, that visit that culminated at the start of it seems almost a lifetime ago already.

Perhaps it's because we all so very quickly fell back into our usual routines, after a bittersweet evening on the night of our return home in which we marveled at the quiet and solitude of our little house in comparison to where we'd just been. Perhaps, for me, because a few days mid-week were overshadowed by my fixation on the news I received following the completion of the pathology results from my miscarriage. Perhaps it's because we've managed some major changes around here in such a short time, including a new haircut for Michael, the self-installation of  new DIY shelving in our basement, and the accomplishment of some long-needed and insanely mood-improving strides towards getting the house clean and functioning again.

Perhaps it's just because we miss everyone so much that it doesn't take long to feel like it's been too long away.

Our last goodbye to the snow in New Jersey.

Enjoying pretzels and taking selfies at the Delaware Welcome Center.

Mia takes advantage of Michael's distraction to swipe his toy car. Sadly, he quickly noticed and countered the transgression.

"Helping" Daddy fold laundry.

Abby finds a new use for big girl undies and tries to bring Mia in on the fun.

Because just one pair is not enough.

Mei Mei performs a nail-bitingly exciting rendition of The Paper Bag Princess.

Abby proves that peeking out of suitcases never gets old.

Still slow on blogging lately, but steady on stitching. Making good progress...

Overheard this week:


As the first lines of Queen's We Will Rock You begin to play over the car stereo: "You guys won't rock me! You'll never rock me!"


"I want that."


"Zzzz..." (Despite falling back into old habits in NJ, she's been sleeping through the night like a champ since our first night home.)