Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Would Abby Do?

Abby and Mia have always had a special connection of sorts. Though Mia's current stage of development and Abby's maturity level are not well-paired for companionship most of the time, they definitely have their moments. Though, unfortunately- especially when the sharing of space and toys is required- Abby's more prone to evoking tears than giggles much of the time, no one else seems to be able to make Mia laugh so easily as she can.

I've learned a thing or two from watching them, however, and so it was that I found myself taking a page from Abby's book this afternoon. Mia was growing tired of sitting in her high chair, and it came time for me to grab a damp paper towel to clean her up. This is not one of her favorite things in the world; while she was initially very amenable to the process when she first started solid food, over time she's become as unwilling a subject as her two siblings now are. She began to fuss and fight me, but rather than press on through the resistance, it occurred to me to counter her irritation with a little silliness instead. "Sticky, sticky, sticky!" I exclaimed, with as much enthusiasm and goofiness as I could muster.

I was rewarded with a wide grin. As I continued on, the grin opened wide to excited gasping, which then evolved into fits of laughter. Across the table, Abby joined in on the fun, and it was at that point that it occurred to me: I'd achieved an unexpected level of success due to the fact that I had taken the same approach that Abby might have, when instructed to "make sillies for Amelia."

It was a lovely moment, staring back and forth between my two beautiful daughters, so filled with pride at the cleverness of one and with joy over the happiness of the other.

When Mia began to reclaim her fussiness at the approach of nap time later in the day, I remembered the lunchtime antics of an hour or so before and asked myself the question: "What would Abby do?"

"Sticky, sticky, sticky!" was my answer, and it was met with perhaps more eagerness than before.


By the way, now that there have been two sightings of it in one day (in her crib this morning and along the sofa this evening) I think we can make an official announcement: Mia is now cruising. One tiny step for Baby, one huge step for her mom and dad...