Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making Trouble at Ten Months

It's taken two days, but I've finally gotten around to dressing up Amelia all pretty-like and getting out the camera to record some of the little changes I've observed in her over the last month: the taller stature, the extra teeth, the thickening/lengthening hair.

Most notable during my photography attempt was her exponentially increased tendency to attempt to launch herself from the sofa, which made me consider awhile before placing her there for pictures. However, Tom was available to help out and carefully positioned himself just out of the frame but close enough to grab her with each eager dive.

Of course, his location made my job a little difficult, at first. It was tough to get her to look at either of us, but when she did Tom commanded the most attention, initially, due to his proximity.

Finally, I managed to gain her notice. The next goal was to get her smiling.

As I began to amuse her just enough to get the corners of her mouth to creep up, however, she made sure to hide them well behind the toy I provided to quiet her protests over being put down.

That is, when she wasn't turning her attention to chewing on it instead.

Or, alternatively, carefully studying it instead of acknowledging my pathetic efforts to make her laugh.

Or (best of all) waving it around right in front of her face.


Gotcha anyway!

She seems to resemble her father more and more each day; I can see it most in her smile.

It's too bad, though, that she works so hard to partially hide that grin so much of the time- behind her hands, behind whatever object she's deemed her current favorite chew-toy. I wonder if she realizes that I can still clearly see the mischief that she's made of in her sparkling, scheming eyes?

So much trouble awaits me there; I can only guess at what the next ten months have in store.