Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mobile Moments, 12/30- 1/5

A new year, a new week- and once again a very slow one for blogging (and just about everything else). I managed all of two posts this time around, one of which was an apology of sorts for my recent online absence, and the other which documented Michael's latest new experience.

As I look around at the remains of my living room post three separate rounds of gift-unwrapping, I wonder how we'll ever recapture our usual level of just-above-unacceptable clutter from the carnage that now abounds.We've definitely got our work cut out for us trying to retire some old toys and organize new ones, but it's been somewhat refreshing to be able to sit back and remain relatively uninvolved for brief spans of time while so many things are still novel and provide amusement all on their own (at least, until the two oldest begin fighting over said novel items and/or monopolizing the ones intended for Amelia).

Pros and cons to everything, I guess.

Meanwhile, teething honors no circumstances, so we've spent at least half of our "vacation" losing sleep and patience over the double-duty discomforts of both Michael and Mia. Is there somewhere I could trade in all of my Christmas gifts to have their teeth just magically appear and be done with, once and for all?

Decorating gingerbread men with Nana.

Practice-walking with Papa.

Musical teamwork.

An unauthorized (but awesome) group selfie with my phone.

Who knew that IKEA made train tracks, too?

Mia thinks them best suited for chewing on, as she demonstrates.

Michael discovers, during evening prayer, that he really enjoys a gentle foot massage.

Abby tries her hand at following along on the rosary beads.

If you are in any doubt about our current level of exhaustion, notice that both Tom and I were caught mid-yawn in these last photos. Good thing that Christmas break is over n-... Oh, wait. That just means that Tom goes back to work and the chaos intensifies from here on out. Good times. I've decided that holidays are actually kind of hard (I mean, they've always been on some level, but not like this before); I think I'd agree to being a kid again just for long enough to get through them in the future.

Overheard this week:


"Michael, cars don't go in Disney castles!"


"Crackers, stop, salt, pepper, egg"


{nom nom} This child has a taste for umami; anything savory, she digs. Chicken, meatballs, and broth were her favorites to sample this week.

On the teething front, we have the tiniest point protruding now from her upper-right lateral incisor, and its mate is not far behind.