Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mobile Moments, 1/20-1/26

This past week is not one that I'm particularly interested in reliving. Indeed, I can't recall much about it beyond the anxiety and bouts of panic that I suffered as I waited and prepared to do a difficult but necessary thing. In the end, that thing was nearly denied me due to an unfortunate turn of events, and I've since come to learn that sometimes the aspects that you fear most about an upcoming experience are not the ones that come back to haunt you in the end; it's the unexpected ones you're often left battling, instead.

Somewhere in the middle there, though, my Visit Summaries tell me, Michael weighed in at 28 lb, 12 oz and 35 inches tall at his two-year assessment, and Amelia demonstrated a height of 29 inches and weight of 20 lb, 9 oz for her nine-month (though she'll actually be ten months tomorrow). She seems to be slowing down her growth just a bit; though still tall for her age she's in the 83rd percentile now (down from 100th at four months), and has fallen to 77th percentile in weight.

Somewhere at the end, I tried to push my internal conflicts aside for just a brief while and be a part of life again. I'd hoped that we could all attend Abby's friend's birthday party as a family, but the irksome cold that felled first Michael and then Mia kept them home with Tom and Mei Mei this afternoon. So it was that Abby and I ventured out, just the two of us, and had a pretty good time while we were at it.

Little owls become her.

Halloween never gets old around here, apparently.

Party girl "cheesing" after enjoying a colorful chocolate cupcake.

My poor, miserable Mia. But she loves her Mei Mei, and her Mei Mei's smartphone.

Overheard this week:

Between Tom and Abby

T: "Abby, where should we hang your new picture?"
A: "On the wall."